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Climate Change

The ESCC Group within the Eranet Mundus and Eranet Plus networks was created with the purpose to inform partners and others of the importance of the climate change emergency and bring easy to understand information to anyone interested in this important problematic. As it is known the climate change is an issue that affects all the aspects of everyday living, from laws, economics, households, biological aspects, cities evolution on expansions, etc. The ESCC Group is confident that the group has achieved its goal, thanks to the extension of the project, it started in 2011 with the creation of the Eranet Mundus partnership and it continued and ended with the Eranet Plus consortium in 2016, however the ESCC team is confident that the ESCC efforts and partnership will continue and will last for many years to come.



Some of the results of the collaboration of the ESCC group:

  1. Creation of the expert guide within and outside the consortium on Climate Change, with a list researchers and collaborators. The experts on Climate Change that the group contacted only had to fill and online form.
  2. Publish a list of courses on Climate Change worldwide that the Erasmus Mundus Action 3 project LEAN CC provided the ESCC group.
  3. Create a questioner given to the scholarship holders of the projects : Eranet Mundus and Eranet Plus” about their impressions on sustainability at the HOME and HOST HEI.
  4. Arranged a symposium called A transversal view on Sustainability with experts with different views on sustainability.



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A Symposium about "A transversal view on Sustainability" was held during the final meeting of the project (January 2016). Here the Poster and Schedule

Presentations used during the symposium:

Climate Change and Water in Cities

Sustainability and Governance

Communication and education on Sustainability

Sustainability and Climate

Sustainability Action Plan


Websites about the use of social media and ecological sustainability:ía_de_usos_y_estilo_en_las_Redes_Sociales_del_Gobierno_Vasco.pdf