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on Thursday, 04 February 2016.


TESTIMONIALS: Grantees of ERANET-PLUS present here their opinion and personal reflection about the programme experience, the academic and mobility scholarship and their host universities. Click on the host university to have a look:



University of Barcelona, Spain (Partnership Coordinator):

 Undergraduate: Mariia says "It was an awesome experience which I will never forget. Now I really feel like Spanish and I will come to study a master in September."

Elena says " It's been the best experience of my life so far. I had an opportunity to study in one of the leading universities in Europe on the programme I am very keen on and with highly professional and supportive teachers. But apart from that I met so many new people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, I improved my knowledge of the languages I speak as well as my general awareness.!"

Elena anticeptva UB

Post-Doctoral: Irina says "Direct communication with the professors, access to all informational resources, attending lectures on the subjects I was interested in, participation in two international conferences, etc. Generally speaking, this is a beautiful chance to get acquainted with the one of the biggest Spanish university scientific and academic experience."



Master: Anton says "It was the unique chance to change many things in my life... First, to gain an important experience in cross-cultural communication. Second, it was the language practice. Third, it is the new knowledges to change career way or to have a progress in my area in which I will be more successful. Exchange programs like ERANET-Plus helps to overcome the borders and to meet in the same classroom many students and professionals from many countries. Now I have the friends from Chile, Brazil, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Slovakia... And, of course, the new relationship will help in the future life".

Anton Grishchenko M UB





Doctorate: Irina says "I'm very grateful for having a chance to do an ERANET-PLUS academic programme. It allowed me to escape mundane tasks, daily distractions, juggling work and studies- in order to fully concentrate on my doctorate research. That was the biggest PLUS for me. The second important PLUS was the opportunities to use updated resources in English, see new studying systems and learning approaches, interact with people of academic circles. During my stay, I could finally find time and focus to tackle looming tasks. As a result, 5 publications in my record of achievements and a preliminary draft of the thesis".

Irina Ziyazova D UB




Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain: 

Doctorate: Nina says "My mobility experience was very positive, especially in the academic way. Since the moment I got invitation letter (CTTC laboratory in the UPC), I started to work with my tutor from the lab. Until the moment that I came to the UPC was doing my research with them by distance. During all my stay I felt like people are interested in me and in my academic improvment. I was at the doctorate programme, but I did some master classes as well. Now I´m coming back with lots of plans about projects between UPC and my home university. I want to thank Deniz Kizildag. He helped me with all the papers and with my perfect accomodation. I really liked all the people from my lab. We spent a really good time together - going out, travelling, climbing the mountains. The scholarship was big, so I had a chance to travel all around Spain and more countries nearby. At this 6 month I learned how to work hard, party hard, travel a lot amd never get tired. It was a happy time for me".

Nina Morozova 1



Staff: Andrey says "With the representative of the host institution (UPC, Barcelona), Jordi Poblet-Puig, we had some story of collaboration before. The Eranet-Plus program enabled us to meet again and work together on mathematical modeling subjects. As the result we submitted one joint paper and prepared some materials for two more papers. Personally, I was impressed by a warm and friendly city of Barcelona.

Maksim Motin 2

Undergraduate: Maksim says "It was the greatest experience in my life. I have never been abroad before this year so I was involved in another culture for the first time of my life and I liked it. Primarily, it was not so easy to deal with problems of communication but all of people tried to help me. As for educational process, it was well-organized by skillful professors in EPSEM, UPC. Of course, I made a lot of friends among students of my group and other students of ERANET-PLUS programm and I will never forget time, which I have psent with them. I strongly recommend to students not to miss this big chance to take part in ERASMUS programms"

Doctorate: Dmitrii says "It was really good time. The first monthes I had problems with my English I understood people very bad. I just spoke with new people and took this experience. I started to learn Spanish, it's interesting and not so difficult for me. I met a lot of new friends and spent my time with them good. I found very usefull data for my research work and will continue to work with that in my country".


University of Granada, Spain:

Undergraduate: Anastasiia says " It was a very good experience. I have learn new things, met a lot of new people and just changed my life as I expected before the beginning of the program".

Doctorate: Anton says "I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate at the mobility program. It gave me chances to work on research project I was interested in, enjoy the cultural heritage of Europe and get many, many new friends. Understanding the ways of thinking of people, evaluating the cultural background of different nations allows you to reassess yourself. This period of life is for sure, unforgettable for me."

Post-Doctoral: Alexander says "In spite of the fact that this is my second foreign experience, I have got a lot of new impressions, useful professional skills and, as I suppose, the most important thing, I found new friends from many countries. Definitely, this opportunity has changed my life, my perception of reality. I believe, it will help me to move further, to grow and find new ideas for professional and personal progress. I would like to thank the staff of the project and my colleagues for this wonderful opportunity and support".

Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands:
Post-Doctoral: Andrei says "I was very happy to work with my colleagues at the Radboud University. I established good academic and personal contacts with many of them, as well as with historians from universities of Leiden and Amsterdam. I have found a lot of resources and collected interesting materials for my present and future research. I have published a book and participated in three conferences, also gave several guest lectures. And, of course, I tried not to miss an opportunity to travel, all over the Netherlands and beyond. I have got a lot of impressions of Holland and its culture, people, everyday life, and told them about Russia in return. I consider my mobility experience as immensely successful."

Master: Denis says "One of the best opportunities I got in my study and even my life was when I was able to join Radboud University as an exchange master student of Eranet Plus program. For that time which covered my first master year at RU I discovered those facets and possibilities of realization as a student of environmental sciences which I had never even thought before. The system of Dutch education, approaches, teachers, lectures, facilities and students “boiling” with ideas seem to me how environmental education should look like actually. As ecology is a much applied science, crossing with many other fields and areas, I believed and still believe that I could realize my potential, enthusiasm and creative character in here."

Master: Irina says "Although I have already graduated from Russian university a few years earlier and was not a student when applying for ERANET-PLUS scholarship, my participation in this programme helped me to experience all benefitsof a student life again, though this year of studies has been rather different from what I had in Russia. New location, new experience, new friends, that was a time of almost everything new around you, which undoubtedly was worth trying!".


Irina M run




Undergraduate: Ekaterina says "It's a well-organized programme for the best college students. Moreover, it's an amazing chance for students to get to know a different system of education as well as to meet interesting people. I fall in love with the University where I spent my mobility semester. Not to mention how greatful I am for the opportunity to make such a good friends from all over the world. I am happy I applied for this programme and if I could go back in time I would definitely go and do this again".


Master: Anatasiia says "As a foreign student from Russia, I would like to express to you my deep gratitude for the opportunity of studying in the master's degree program at the Faculty of Law in the Netherlands. Radboud university is an excellent place to study and conduct research and the Netherlands itself is a remarkable country with a highly developed infrastructure. I greatly value the quality of higher education at the university and I also enjoy my time studying here. I particularly appreciate gaining first-hand experience of the European approach to education and its way of thinking, which is very modern, efficient and practical. And I further value the opportunity of communicating with other students from various countries and this experience is broadening my cultural awareness"


Master: Ekaterina says "It was great experience! I could compare the educational system at my home university and at the european university (Radboud), get to know more about my specialization and methods of study, improve my English level, travel to several european countries, communicate with many interesting people from all over the world".

Undergraduate: Elena says "It was an exellent opportunity to enhance academic knowledge, to find out cross-cultural differences, to experience another study approach and to meet new people. There is no doubt, that it will help to be more efficient in my career. Moreover it has already helped me to graduate from my home university (I conducted the cross-cultural psychological study during my mobility period) and to be enrolled in the new university in order to continue my study and to receive a master degree".


Galina K RUN  

Staff: Galina says "The ERANET-PLUS mobility program was extremely useful both for professional and academic career.".


Master: Aiuna says "I had lessons from magnificent professors. I met at least two good friends. I traveled to four countries and five Dutch cities. I think it's worth the effort to gain the scholarship."

Aiuna B RUN

Doctorate: Daria says "Thanks a lot for this opportunity, it was really useful for me and for universities as well and now we have strong collaboration between host and home university." 
Staff: Vera says "It was a great experience! I met new people - professionals in my area and had an opportunity to improve competences".

University of Poitiers, France:

Undergraduate: Olga says: This experience was several moments of a completely different life for me. The multicultural exchange of this program was very helpful in overcoming my language barrier, which is very important for me as a future interpreter


Staff: Natalia says "This grant gave me the opportunity to spend enough of time at the Host university in order to represent better the system of administrative, scientific and academic organization that allowed to plan most productively the general directions for futur cooperation."


Natalia V UP

Elizbar A UP

Master: Elizbar says"Fantastic experience of living and studying abroad. I will never regret. I met many nice and open people, discovered new country and culture. Now I am able to compare. It was not only personal but relevent academic experience. I made my knowledge deeper in subjects that I have studied before and benefited from European view on educational processes. It is very different and difficult l but now I will be afraid of nothing in my life, that's for sure."


Staff: Ilya says " It’s been a great pleasure for me to participate in the Eranet Plus mobility program, 2014. I was lucky to be hosted by one of the oldest European universities – University of Poitiers (UP), France, and to get a precious experience to cooperate with counterparts from Poitiers Business School (UP - Institut d’Administration des Entreprises). As a Director of UNN International Office, I was interested to know what are "hot spots" of UP international cooperation in the sphere of education and research as well as to understand what are the main elements of the University infrastructure enabling the enhancement of the technology transfer. At the end of my scholarship period UNN – UP Cooperation Agreement was signed, so, I’m very pleased to think that my Eranet mobility program became one more step towards the long-term and sustainable cooperation between our Universities."

S Ilya  UPoitiers


Staff: Denis says "Oh it was awesome! New country, new friends, new culture, new knowledge, new experience. I highly recommend this mobility programme!".

Denis Migulin A UPoitiers

Master: Tatiana says: "It was really great! Not always easy, but it is the difficulties that make us stronger :) A refreshing experience of a different life with new friends, new language, new studies approaches, a very interesting scientific research to do... I learnt a huge ammount of things that would help me in my future professional development!".


University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany:
Irina P UDE    

Undergraduate: Irina says "ERANET-PLUS mobility experience was the best time in my life. I tried to use the skills that are not used in my country. Also, the experience was useful for study. Of course, I met new people, chat which brings only positive things. Overall, it was an invaluable and unforgettable experience."

Master: Kristina says "I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the chance to take part in Erasmus program and have a one exchange semester in Germany. My host university has provided the best learning experience around the students from all over the world and with a very professional teaching staff. Thank you very much for your work and effort!" 
Doctorate: Anna says "Overall it is a great experience. Very intellectually beneficial and a big step in my personal development. It is especially important for me as a researcher from Siberian Federal University where it is not easy to get into European academic environment due to its remote location. I would suggest more programs focusing on support of the talented researchers from Siberia and Far East." 

Staff: Irina says "I believe that my experience in mobility Eranet positive. A Month in the German university helped me to focus on the literature search and analysis of the practices of the school of social work for the comparative study. For me, it was a continuation of academic communication, and at the same time, gaining new contacts and search for new areas of cooperation. Within a month I was able to use the resources of the host university, form a foundation for further study of the topic and the adaptation of the German experience in Russia." 


Undergraduate: Margarita says "I’m very grateful for this great opportunity to spend one amazing semester at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. It was very interesting to compare Russian and German systems of education, which are in fact very different. I visited many interesting lectures and obtained valuable knowledge that will for sure help me in my future academic career. In addition, I experienced the local way of life, met interesting people from different countries, improved my language skills and saw many beautiful cities and towns".

Margarita Barachevskaia U UDE


Master: Pavel says "It was awesome experience. I have got all I wanted and sometimes more, in both academic and social spheres. That was great and awesome.! THANK YOU!"


Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany:


Doctoral: Igor says "It was really great experience that allowed me to work together with professors and other specialists, to learn another culture and language and to travel a lot across europe. During the exchange program, I’ve met about 10 different specialists that helped me with my research. I’ve also met students and new friends from all over the world: from Germany, Italy, Portugal, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Iran, India, Ukraine and other countries, and many of them were exchange students. Also I’ve visited more than 30 cities and towns in 8 countries. So all that made my exchange program just unforgettable".


Post-Doctoral: Denis says "The program provides a unique opportunity to carry out a research project. During my stay at the host university, I managed to carry out not only a research project, but also to establish contacts with leading experts in the field of research, not only in Germany but also in other European countries. This is a unique experience, that allows for fruitful cooperation in the future. This kind of support of scientists is important for the development of science in general".



Doctorate: Vasilina says "There was really great experience! A lot of interesting meetings, very good and well-organized library, time for scientific researhes, possibilities to learn German... And, of course, travelling! New cities, new culture, friends and adventures!"

Vasilina Stepanova  D Jena

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom:
Doctorate: Elena says "The opportunity for 9 months mobility to the UoG was a perfect chance for me to engage with the British research community that works on Central and East European Studies and (which is even more valuable) on Russian Studies. I come from Political Science background and it was important for me to meet and work closely with other colleagues who implement slightly different methods and perspectives in their scientific approach. The project realized on mobility stay became an important part of my research and I can't see how I could have done it without this opportunity. Another aspect I'd like to emphasize is importance of connections between people. At the time of my stay I met so many new people who are passionate about similar research topics as my own one. I used this time to attend a number of the UK conferences and built valuable connections which will always stay with me in my professional and personal life."

Doctorate: Aleksandr says " It was a great chance to meet a new education system. Hope it will be possible in future to implement the best from both systems. I liked being a PhD student in the University of Glasgow. Everybody was very polite and involved in a process. I obtained full support during my research and even was allowed to work as a tutor of Linear Algebra for a semester."

University of Siena, Italy:

 Undergraduate: Elena says "For me it was the act of bravery. Because when you leave in another country not like a tourist but like a citizen you reevaluate all the things that you have ever known. You start to think beyond the limits because you are out of a safety zone. You start to see the life in unpredictable and extremely interesting way. Every single day you learn something new, meet new friends, share your life experince, explore the customs and tratitions of other countries and as a result you realize that the people from different parts of the world have a lot in common. The Eranet-Plus programe gave to me the most valuable and bright experience that I have ever had in my life".


Doctorate: Rodion says "It was very cool. In my opinion, it is very important that these internships allow you to develop both skills: academic skills and not academic communication skills. On the one hand, from academic point of view you can see how works the other university and compare with the home university. In my case, for example, it is possible to find a point for the development of education in Russia, taking into account European experience. On the other hand, in addition to academic results, you can develop your communication skills, improve your foreign language and as result find friends in other countries. This is great opportunity to feel yourself as part of a single historical European process."


Master: Lana says "University of Siena has given me the chance to expand my knowledge in the field of study I'm interested in. I attracted to a different approach to the supply educational material in the University: interactive lectures on skype with scientists from other countries, the opportunity to listen to lectures by guest scientists, practical work in the laboratory, and all this in a supplement to the ordinary lectures. Mobility program of ERANET-PLUS given the opportunity to learn the culture of the country of Italy where I studied. I was able to learn a new language for me - Italian. I have gained a lot of good friends from different countries with whom I support our communication after the mobility. 

Participation in the program ERANET-PLUS has given me valuable experience that showed me new opportunities for self-realization as a scientist".

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia:

Undergraduate: Anastasia says "It was a great pleasure to participate in the ERANET-PLUS project. I can happily say that I achieved all the goals I planned to reach when applying for this program. I definitely learnt a lot of important and useful things that I would never have a chance to learn at my home university. I not only acquired new knowledge, but also expanded my own horizons."

Denis says "System working really impressively and can give you a chance to make nice mobility, meet new friends, learn some foreign languages and also try to stop be ashamed of your English, because you have to talk with different people from different countries, as well this is the reason why you can know more about culture and character of foreigns, besides improving your English."

Master: Vitaly says "In fact it is a very useful program for students. It provides a learning experience in a foreign university and another country. Big scholarship allows you to live in foreign country without any problem (especially in Slovakia). I would like to receive the same salary upon arrival in Russia, or leave for another similar program. Do not forget your grantees. What we can do for you more?"

Vitaly SUA

Doctorate: Daria says "My internship in frames of Eranet Plus project greatly impressed on my career and personal development. I have also got the bunch of ideas for diversification of international activity for my host institution since I am the member of International department."


Post-Doctoral: Elena says: "I have real positive impressions of ERANET-PLUS mobility experience: Firstly, I had expanded the experimental base of my research and got experience of cross-cultural research in Engineering Education:

- There were developed two digital learning objects (LOs) for mastering the programmable systems by the students of engineering faculties.

- LOs were tested and recommended for using in the educational process.

- There was designed OpenEdu project under the direction of my supervisor – doc. Ing. Zuzana Palková, PhD.

Secondly, in close cooperation with colleagues of “Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics” Department were prepared two scientific articles and one patent application for the invention "Microcontroller device for diagnostics electromotor insulation". Thirdly, there were concrete benefits for the colleagues from host university – Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. They received from me useful information and experience of teaching and research in Electrical Engineering and contacts with Russian colleagues. Finally, as a result of active interaction between Russian and Slovak scientists was formed a team of researchers in the field of Engineering Education, which would be able to interact successfully in future, after ending of this project".

Staff: Evgenii says "Very intense trip, totally different people, interesting lecturers, live chat on foreignness languages, cool cultural events".

Doctorate: Nailia says "It was great experience. At first, I got the chance to live for 10 months in Europe (Slovakia). The second is great educational experience, I was studying the legislative rules, the European Directives and implemented them into my research. Also I could compare European and Russian practices and made conclusions about advantages and disadvantages of both of the systems. And the third is that thanks to ERANET-PLUS mobility I met a lot of new friends from different parts of the world."

Nailia Reziapova D SUA


Undegraduate: Elena says "Development is when you have opportunity to understand and accept different point of view. In other words if you are upgraded enough to see things in a different light you can say that you IMPROVED . What could help me better than one big exchange program between Europe and Russia to get it?) 

Never thought before that studying can get funny and extremly productive at the same time ! this year changed my view . That resulted into changes in my life! I am super grateful to get such a great chance! 

I will never be the same ;)

Doctorate: Vladislav says "This program contributes to the development of scientific research and exchange of experience. And also allows you to improve the language level".

Vladislav Matveev D SUA

Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland:
Post-Doctoral: Natalia says "ERANET-PLUS programme enabled me to develop both personally and professionally. Engagement in learning and research advanced my knowledge and enhanced my ability to support students more effectively. Involvement in host university activities added to my personal experience as well, developing communication and cross-cultural skills."


Post-Doctoral: Ekaterina says "for me the most important benefits from this programm are: access to the library, opportunity participate in international conferences, stimulating academic environment, establish new academic contacts, I met and interesting talk with people from different European countries, this was a great change to know the culture better and to understand political, social, cultural process in contemporary Europe".


Doctoral: Natalia says  "I had a very intensive training. I take as much knowledge as I could do it during the period of my studying. This was educational part of my scholarship. As for my professional skills, I also intensively communicated with my foreign colleagues in the field of language’ didactics.

- Therefore I obtained an excellent occasion to improve my professional didactic skills, and it has a very positive effect on my teacher’s activity at home university. The deepening of my basic knowledges of the classical languages extends also the spectrum of my activity as a teacher. 

- Except that I was working on an individual plan, I had an opportunity to receive consultations from all the staff of my department, not only from my supervisor. I also freely attended any classes of student groups. I could see how my colleagues work, how and what students study, and how the educational process is developing. It’s an invaluable and incomparable professional experience. And for this opportunity I am very grateful to the ERANET-PLUS Project".


Anastasiia P UJ Post-doctorate: Anastasiia says "I was very glad that I was given an opportunity to acquire mobility experience. Without it my research would be impossipble, because I have recorded interiews with Polish people due to this program. Now I have enormous very interesting material for analizing and publication, which will help me in my academic development. I have established connection with the ethnographers of Jagiellonski University and made the acquaintance with their directions of reseach."


Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Russia:


Doctoral: Daniel says "The mobility experience was wonderful. It provided me the opportunity to experience a new country and culture, and meet many interesting, friendly people, both professionally, and personally. I was able to undertake research related to my general academic sphere, and will now integrate the results into my further research, giving future work more breadth and perspective. My language skills have also improved (although only slightly, for now), something I value hugely. In short, the stay was life changing, on numerous levels. Would highly recommend!".

Daniel Butchart-Kuhlmann D RSHU


Undergraduate: Sergi says "My year in Saint Petersburg was a great experience, on the university the courses were so intensive and helped me to reach a better level of russian language. The city is very beautiful and every month with the weather changes is worth to see another time, in fall with the golden colours of the trees, in winter walking on the frozen river and in spring-summer with the full of life city and all the festivities. I enjoyed a good time on this city and it was a great experience for me and a big jump for my studies!".


Master: Dárius says "Eranet-Plus program is an well organized opportunity for everyone. My stay at Russian Hydrometeorological University was a wonderful experience. Not only i had a chance to live in foreign country and met people from every corner of the world (Russians, Catalans, Spaniards, Colombians, Filipinos, Uzbeks, Ecuadorians, Pamirians etc.) but also i had a chance to study my field of study with local students in regular classes hosted by very nice and profesional professors. Stay in Saint Petersburg gave me an insight to culture of Russia and taught me that we are not so different after all. This experience enchanced me both profesionaly and humanly, i will definitelly remember this time forever."

Siberian Federal University, Russia:

Post-Doctoral: Alexander says "I am deeply satisfied!"

Post-Doctoral: Daniel says "Eranet-Plus mobility has been a golden opportunity to personally meet Russian scientific system, culture and society. It has been a window to a part of the world that is usually caricatured from the West, and therefore imagined using prejudices and the insolence of ignorance. On the other hand, it was also a mirror of myself and those aspects of my personal, cultural and professional background that look invisible in the West, just because there they mix up with the background. Finally, it opened the opportunity to give a different accent to my CV, more prone to scientific discovery than before. So gold, definition, contrast, discovery, exotism, and exocentrism".

Daniel Diaz de Quijano  P SibFU


Undergraduate: Juan Francisco says "It is a great opportunity to develope yourself academically and as person. As I said in the question before, You can learn a new lenguage also to know a diferent culture and another point of view of your studies diferent than Europe".


South Ural State University, Russia:


Undergraduate: Angelina says "This was the best experience in my life so far. I did not only improve my language skills, but also matured greatly. It was fun to learn new things together with people from countries like Mongolia, Spain and China. The staff of the South Ural State University also took great care of us and we had the chance to visit a ballet, an old village, etc." 




Undergraduate: Jozef says "My experience is great. It was a very interesting year of my life. I will long remember it. I learned a new language, meet many friends in. It gave me more than just study at home university".

Jozef Paulik U SUSU


Undergraduate: Anastasia says "About this trip I can say, that it was the greatest adventure in my life, that gave me a chance to make real my wishes, to visit countries, that I was just dreaming to visit, to met a lot of great people and have a lot of fun, to study abroad and feel the cultural exchange, to study subjects , that I really want to study, such as drawing and design. Thank you eranet plus team for this unbelievable opportunity that actually change myself and my life in good way!"

Anastasiia Serebrennikova U SUSU

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia:
Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia: 


Master: Erno says "It was a great experience to get to know the local culture and people. Academic activities were okay, but not the most important thing, as they never are in student exchange".


Undergraduate: Alena says "My Eranet-Plus mobility experience has been like living a small life for me. Despite probably some difficulties that are absolutely normal while living abroad and studying in a language that is not yours native, I think that this programme could not be any better. It is a huge opportunity for a personal and professional growth. I am very grateful to the selection committee and Eranet-Plus team for giving me such a live-changing chance. As well as I am very grateful to the Unversity of Granada for being always ready to assist foreign students. Every day of these months was a small lesson and I can surely say that I never stopped to gain new knowledge. May it be the political system of Spain or how to dance flamenco! Being an Eranet-Pus grantee is a big honour and I am very happy that I has been among these lucky students".


Doctorate: Matthew says "This experience had been essential in the carrying out of my fieldwork, I am grateful for the support it has provided and, without it, I am not sure I would have been able to get so much done over an extended period of time. As such, I will remain a fervent advocate of this mobility programme. I hope to make use of the ties and contacts I have forged in this period".

Saint Petersburg University, Russia:

Undergraduate: Nicolas says "This is an incredible experience, I really wish that this program will be more famous in the future because you can discover an other culture outside Europe and studying in the best conditions, doesn't matter if your parents have the money or not to support you because of the monthly allowance, this is really fair and equality. This is the most important thing for me, the program give you an opportunity which wouldn't be possible if you are on your own with your family because of the costs. I feell really glad and proud for Europe; to have such amazing opportunities, we really should know much more about programs like this one".

Master: Aleksandra says: "it was unforgettable experience which allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge about Russia. It was also a dream come true. 10 months in Russia gave me the possibility to penetrate into this great culture , to understand the Russian soul and to make sure that studing russia is what I want to do in my further professional life." 

Agata says: "Great experience - studying abroud, new challenges and adventures. and what's probabaly even more important, unique possibility to really get to kniw tthe country of your stay."

Undergraduate: Servane says "It was a great opportunity for me because they offer to me the destinations I wanted, compare to the destinations offer by my University. It helped me for my goal, which is to learn and speak Russian".

Master: Aneta says "I had the pleasure to be a scholarship program Eranet Plus. Therefore, the 10 months I stayed in the charming St. Petersburg. This program has given me a lot of opportunities. First of all, I improved my language abilities. I know now fluent Russian but also some French, because my roommate was from Lyons :) I met many wonderful people from all over the world and most importantly got to know their culture. Together with the students organized a dorm dinner, Croatian, French, Georgian, etc. This made it possible to refute many of the stereotypes. But the most important advantage is the fact that I could travel to Russia, which was my biggest dream! I stayed in many unusual places like Kazan, Novgorod, Moscow, Sochi and even flew to Kamchatka! During this trip I met many sincere and friendly Russians. I was positively surprised by their hospitality. This was certainly a memorable time for me. I recommend this program and I hope that I can be again your a scholarship. Eranet Plus fulfilled my dreams! Thank you so much!!!".

Joanna says: "My scholarship was the best experience I ever had. I traveled through Russia from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. I was in a multicultural Kazan, I was walking around Lake Baikal, I was in Ulan-Ude - the center of Russian Buddhism, I admired the end of Russia from huge bridges in Vladivostok. At the university I met a different perception of the world abot which I had no idea. I met professors who showed me a differerent prespective on the research area where I do, which was increidibly inspiring and new.

I also take place in two student internships, one in one of the Saint Petersburg newspapers with which I continue work after returning to Poland, and a second internship at the Department of Promotion Trade and Investment at the Polish Consulate.
I watched the best operas and ballets in the Mariinsky Theatre, where I was a dozen times (and spent there a lot of money :)).
I had sleeping problems during the white nights and I could not nibble at night Russian chocolates, because the whole time was brightly :)
I miss it already. But I am also insanely interesting what will bring me life after such an amazing year in Russia.


Pskov State Pedagogical University, Russia:
Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU)
Tristan C MSLU

Undergraduate: Tristan says "This experience was very amazing. I had the opportunity to come in Moscow to study 10 months. I couldn't have done that by my own. It was perfect to improve Russian and to know the culture, which is different. It allowed me to meet great people, to study in a different institution, with different teachers, and it opened up my mind. I recommend this programme to all of the student or people who want to apply: it's a unique and amazing experience. It's a very well done job from ERANET PLUS."



Staff: Enrique says "Really productive and positve. I would repeat it"

Master: Mojmir says "I consider ERANET-PLUS a great chance to enrich oneself in the best possible way by studying language in the country, where it is spoken. This programme has allowed me to get more into Russian language, culture and basically, thinking of native Russians. That will definitely be helpful in my further career. I am recommending this programme to everyone!".

Post-doctorate: Elisa says "For my research, this experience was very important. I am a specialist in Contemporary literature and Russian language, therefore it is essential for my job to spend time in the foreign country. Eranet-plus gave me the possibility to improve my professional contacts, to work on articles and translations that have been published in Italy and in Russia."



Demidov Yaroslavl State University, Russia:

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Staff: Natalia says "This grant gave me the opportunity to spend enough of time at the Host university in order to represent better the system of administrative, scientific and academic organization that allowed to plan most productively the general directions for futur cooperation."

Deadline tomorrow, January 18th!

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